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Merger Integration

The dominant players in most industries are those who effectively execute mergers and acquisitions in a timely manner.

At Consultants to Management we are dedicated to helping out clients achieve success by developing a proactive plan for what can be one of the most challenging times in an organizations history. Our approach is based on detailed research and more than 30 years of hands-on experience making deals that work.

To accelerate integration strong leadership with the right leaders in the right roles is vital. It is essential that pivotal decisions be made early on about the integration of talent to speed progress towards creating a common culture. Nervous employees need to be aligned around key goals, binding them to the organization. Not to mention your customers, distributors, regulators, and community leaders who will be watching your every move. Time is of the essence.

We understand that your organization is unique. We take pride in our highly personal approach to fully understanding your companiesí internal constituencies, achieving the right balance between authoritative and empowering management, and the optimal pace of change. After a rigorous evaluation of integration options we will guide you through your development of strategic, cultural, and transition plans. We will then ensure that your plans are fully executed with speed.

"We were especially impressed with the fact that she was such a quick study about our organization and the people who lead it. She listened, she engaged with people and she showed real concern for the issues we were facing." >>

Pamela Tate
President and CEO