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Communication Skills Training

Consultants to Management has been leading communications workshops for over forrty years as communications support providers for corporations, associations, and government agencies. Whether working with groups or one-on-one, we coach people to communicate more effectively, more influentially, with greater impact and with respect for others. Our processes and practices help individuals learn proven practical techniques that help them establish rapport, avoid arguments and earn respect. These skills are the key to effective leadership and positive workplace communication.

We take the time to learn about a client's business, its corporate culture, and its strategic objectives. We interview executives from different business units and functions to determine the issues to address and the skills required for success.

"More than a consultant, she is a true strategic partner. I simply could not have done this work at this level without her participation." >>

S. Gary Snodgrass
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Retired
Exelon Corporation